• The Rise Of Protest Music 2015

    Fox News’ worst fears have come to pass: Kendrick Lamar’s music has officially been used to inspire protest against police brutality. On Sunday, a #BlackLivesMatter conference at Cleveland State University turned confrontational after police detained a 14-year-old boy for allegedly being drunk on a bus in downtown Cleveland. Protesters leaving the conference objected to how the police were “roughing up” and “pepper spraying” the boy, according to local television station WEWS. When protesters tried to intervene, police used pepper spray on the crowd. The […]

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  • Dave Chappelle: Artists have a responsibility to be activists in some way. Some stars are more than just fashion trends.

    Dave Chappelle: Black People and Police The 41-year-old funnyman told the audience at the Art For Life benefit on Long Island that artists have a responsibility to be activists in some way. ‘The biggest enemy of an artist is apathy,’ he said. The Chappelle’s Show star added: ‘A kid gets killed by the poilice and I buy a T-shirt and before I can wear that one, there’s another kid (killed) and I’m running out of closet space.’ Chappelle who is […]

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  • Deadly Force: Police Use of Lethal Force In The United States

    I am disappointed to learn that current state laws on the use of lethal force by law enforcement officers do not comply with international human rights law and standards and that the United States does not even keep track of how many lives are lost every year. I am writing to express my support for the creation of a National Crime and Justice Task Force. This Task Force should be required to review all components of the criminal justice system, […]

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  • The Role of Creative Arts in Protest and Leadership Development.

      North Carolina High School Senior sets out to Change the World R. J.  Reynolds High School Senior Elijah Pone is named Urban Success Ambassador for Winston-Salem. He will serve as an intern and member of a national coalition — (U.S.A. 4 TECH, the “Urban Success Movement”.) He has been selected to organize and develop a teen task-force to redesign and launch a new social network. Elijah and the Urban Success Ambassadors, strategic planning team in Silicon Valley are planning […]

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  • How many black people are killed by police in America?

      The updated findings on fatalities so far this year means that the total is on track to exceed 1,000 by the end of 2015 – and that people are being killed by officers at more than twice the rate most recently detected by the much-criticised FBI system, which recorded 461 killed in 2013. While the number of African Americans killed by police so far in 2015 has been disproportionately high, both white and Hispanic/Latino Americans now make up proportions […]

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  • Authoring Action’s Teens Testimonials: an institute for empowering youth

    Now into its fifteenth year, Authoring Action has reared a group of young writers and creatives who are now helping to mold even younger minds into true authors. Keeping the program going and growing, these young people certainly have something meaningful to say about our communities, society, and the world at large. Check out these testimonials from some of the sharpest teens in Winston-Salem, as well as the leaders who helped sharpen their metaphorical quills. They talk about what makes […]

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  • Team SMOT is working to bring Hack The Hood and Black Girls Code to North Carolina

    Team SMOT is working to bring Hack The Hood and Black Girls Code to North Carolina

    At this year’s Essence Festival, New Orleans youth will join technologists, developers, designers and community leaders in a hackathon to build their own solutions for problems affecting their neighborhoods. Oakland-based nonprofits Hack the Hood, Black Girls Code, Hidden Genius Project, and Level Playing Field Institute will be present at the music festival, thanks to sponsorship from the Kapor Center for Social Impact and an invitation from Qeyno Labs and Rebuild the Dream, organizers of the #YesWeCode hackathon. 2014 is a […]

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  • United Roots Oakland is collaborating with Team SMOT on North Carolina Media Action House

    United Roots Oakland is collaborating with Team SMOT on North Carolina Media Action House

    United Roots is a Green Youth Art & Media Center that houses the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. For more information go to unitedrootsoakland.org or email info@unitedrootsoakland.org. SMOT Here in Winston Salem, NC  the drop out rate for low opportunity youth is approximately 50% and the “American Dream” is simply a figment of their imagination. These youth are more likely to rely on government support and report more severe health problems. Odds are many of these low opportunity youth […]

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  • Worldhits.org 2015 remix COMING SOON!

    Worldhits.org 2015 remix COMING SOON!

      Worldhits Remix 2015 Coming SOON!!!!   Start a Worldhits.org Chapter in your area So, you want to start a Worldhits.org Chapter, yeah? It’s easy. There are just a few basic blueprints for you to follow, and with our blue print for success, and your enthusiasm, we can all help support and promote songwriters on a global level. Benefit for you: You get to be part of a community of volunteers who are working hard to build a great songwriting industry […]

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  • Creating A National Urban Success Movement 1976 – 2016

    Creating A National Urban Success Movement 1976 – 2016

    40 Years Creating A National Urban Success Movement Letter from the Founder   Today the Worldwide web and creative young thinkers give us the opportunity to create “read-write” culture though digital technologies. USA 4 Tech fund aims to provide state-of-art technology that will serve as the vocal cords of low-tech communities. Before the World-Wide Web, media broadcast giants and corporate conglomerates monopolized technology. This in turn created the opposite of “read-write” culture, a “read-only” culture where creativity was consumed but […]

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  • Bridging The Abyss Talk Show

    Bridging The Abyss Talk Show


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  • Thirsty Students

    Thirsty Students

    Jasmine Stover (Founder) is a CNA (certified nursing assistant), Phlebotomist and a Pharmacy Assistant that had a vision to help youth!  Now at 26 years old and 7 years in the health field, Stover strives to fulfill her purpose of preparing youth for the professional world. Giving youth different opportunities she has established various activities that youth can enjoy and use to enhance their lives. She was born and raised in Winston Salem NC where she a graduate of Parkland […]

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  • First race shows Mercedes have pulled further ahead

    First race shows Mercedes have pulled further ahead

    2015 F1 season The first race of the season left Mercedes’ rivals with the worrying impression that far from gaining on the team which dominated last season, they have been left further behind. Lewis Hamilton lapped the Albert Park circuit in Melbourne almost 1.4 seconds than any of his teams’ rivals managed. Analysis of all the lap times during the race weekend indicates most of Mercedes rivals are further behind than they were at the same venue 12 months ago. Which […]

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  • Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes was the dominant F1 car of 2014

    Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes was the dominant F1 car of 2014

    Early history   1914 Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft Mercedes 35 hp racing car The two companies which were merged to form the Mercedes-Benz brand in 1926 had both already enjoyed success in the new sport of motor racing throughout their separate histories. A single Benz competed in the world’s first motor race, the 1894 Paris–Rouen, where Émile Roger finished 14th in 10 hours 1 minute. The Mercedes Simplex of 1902, built by DMG, was Mercedes’ first purpose built race car — much lower than their usual designs — which were similar to horse […]

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  • Code of Silicon Valley Minority: ‘You Can’t be Angry’

    Code of Silicon Valley Minority: ‘You Can’t be Angry’

    In San Francisco, at a conference table at Pinterest Inc., Makinde Adeagbo says he understands what’s behind the concern about being seen as an activist: Companies under pressure to come up with the next big product want talent that can get them to the next release, not agitators who’ll distract from the mission. Photographer: Michelle Le/Bloomberg Nov. 13 (Bloomberg) — Ana Medina says there’s an unwritten code in Silicon Valley. She was introduced to it after her first Google Inc. […]

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  • East of Palo Alto’s Eden: Race and The Formation of Silicon Valley

    East of Palo Alto’s Eden: Race and The Formation of Silicon Valley

     What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past? Bob Hoover I met Bob Hoover one sunny Friday afternoon when he was rearranging golf club sets in the back of a trailer in East Palo Alto. Hoover, one of the original black residents of East Palo Alto, hasn’t retired even though he’s well into his 80s. […]

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  • Jesse Jackson gets Silicon Valley to talk diversity

    Jesse Jackson gets Silicon Valley to talk diversity

    Two dozen companies met at Intel at an event hosted by the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition  to share their strategies of making their largely white, male workforces more diverse.   Jesse Jackson spent the better part of this year imploring high-tech companies to include more African-Americans, Latinos and women among their employees. Turns out, identifying and acknowledging the problem may be the easy part. On Wednesday, at a Silicon Valley summit organized by Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition and […]

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  • Maurice “Mo” Green – Guilford County Schools’ put learning with Tech first

    Maurice “Mo” Green – Guilford County Schools’ put learning with Tech first

    Innovative.” That’s the word Superintendent Maurice “Mo” Green frequently uses to describe Guilford County Schools. That was true, he said, “even before I got here, and certainly we’ve tried to build on that.” He rattled off a list of the district’s innovative schools, including the nine early/middle colleges, which offer students early exposure to college campuses. There also is a district-wide focus on service learning as well as academics, he said. That effort paid off with the school system being […]

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  • SMOT 2014 Year End Report

    SMOT 2014 Year End Report

    On October 18, 2014 students and professionals gathered together for the long anticipated Fall Retreat at Media Action House and Retreat Space. Enthusiasm grew as attendees explored the grounds nestled on a secluded twenty-acre parcel of land and the audio/video production and editing studio. The morning got off to a great start with fun conversations and a delicious Continental Breakfast provided by Cecil and Shari Weefur of Weefur Family Media. Later in the day, after the Workshops and filming the […]

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  • Kimberly Bryant – Black Girls CODE Founder and Executive Director

    Kimberly Bryant – Black Girls CODE Founder and Executive Director

    Biotechology/Manufacturing/Engineering/ and Supply Chain professional with over 10 years experience in Facilities /Operations/Maintenance and Project Management with companies in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical, and consumer products industries. I have expert skills in both team building and collaborative leadership with a unique ability to synthesize ideas across a wide spectrum of perspectives and develop a concise shared vision to drive organizational change and improvements in complex business processes. Both a detail-oriented planner and a strategic minded leader, I absorb new information […]

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