Creating A National Urban Success Movement 1976 – 2016

40 Years Creating A National Urban Success Movement

Letter from the Founder


Today the Worldwide web and creative young thinkers give us the opportunity to create “read-write” culture though digital technologies. USA 4 Tech fund aims to provide state-of-art technology that will serve as the vocal cords of low-tech communities.

Before the World-Wide Web, media broadcast giants and corporate conglomerates monopolized technology. This in turn created the opposite of “read-write” culture, a “read-only” culture where creativity was consumed but the consumer lacked the capacity to create.

Low income Communities are in a weakened state as a result of an underdeveloped infrastructure and a vast disparity in accessible resources for the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle. Essentially, there is a wide range of contextual factors that inhibit certain communities from achieving academic success, economic success and sustainable wealth. These social illnesses are a result of disparities that exist between the more affluent and poverty stricken communities in home ownership, income, healthcare, poverty, unemployment, incarceration and violence.

Perception is a critical issue. It is the self-defeating perception of low economic communities that perpetuates social illness and creates false belief windows that severely affect low economic community members’ thinking process. Putting technology into the hand of students and neighborhood associations empowers them with the ability to transform a negative perception into a positive one, creating a more cohesive sense of community.  The ultimate desire of USA 4 Tech fund is to harness the creativity, communication and economic power of low economic communities. Providing ONTV pods outfitted with cutting-edge equipment and personnel are an essential component of creating and controlling informative and educational media in low-tech Communities.


Richard Gibson

Founder, Urban Success Movement/

Urban Success Ambassadors For Technology Fund


40 Years Creating A National Urban Success Movement

Marvin Gay, John Lennon and Bob Marley were the hip, countercultural voices of their generation. Today we are seeing a revival of the protest song in pop and alternative music evolving into an international movement promoting the voices of the voiceless, focusing specifically on teens.

#ICCTW (I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD) CHALLENGE “Voices for Social Change,” is a competition for Protest Songwriters and Spoken Word Poets that promote civic engagement. We are committed to building bridges between races and generations through audio and video communications that is most effective. Youth will address tragedy and the emotions surrounding it in raw vocal expression and dramatic skit performances.

#ICCTW Challenge will revolutionize the the Urban Success Movement further, drawing greater audiences, and proving that there are people in this world who care what teens think. This is our way of letting teens get it off their chest and make a contribution to the worlds future. It’s about world audience engagement. Through our Online and Broadcast performance we can begin to change the world.

It all starts here, by creating a safe platform for all young poets and protest songwriters to speak their minds, while maintaining responsibility for every syllable.

The meaning of “Protest Song” is broad – Kanye West rapped about child labor in “Diamonds From Sierra Leon” and Public Enemy performed political music in the late 80’s. The song “Fight The Power” was conceived at the request of film director Spike Lee, who sought a musical theme for his 1989 film “Do the Right Thing.” 

We encourage young songwriters and poets to write stories for blogs, music videos and even short films that goes with their song or spoken word entries. We believe that the racial and politically-charged tension caused by recent events in this country has reignited the interest in this area of music.  Several groups of poets and musicians arose from the late 1960’s African-American civil rights movement’s black nationalist movement. This Includes “Serious spokesmen like Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, and later Gary Byrd, who paved the way for the many socially committed Black Emcees a decade later.”

We want youth to share their thoughts from a social or personal experience through music and skits. The #ICCTW Challenge is an opportunity for amateur composers to showcase their talent and to inspire all of us to have a role in making our community and the world a better place. is a social platform that takes neighborhood issues, concerns and experiences and makes them a part of teenagers’ education, social and political life.

Creative thinking works!

Through creativity and innovation we have begun to build a platform that is useful for  grass roots communities. We have a working prototype and we’re excited to share. It’s awesome and easy to use.

“It’s a great idea to engage grass roots communities in creating online blogs, audio and video content to share and educate others in their communities and the world about something they are passionate about!” – will be a great way for us to reach and connect with community activests, teens, parents, educators, service providers and stakeholders. is a new social platform that provide tools, entertainment and learning opportunities that will improve the way grass roots communities communicate with each other on issues, concerns and best practices.

We want to involve grass roots teens in creating a social platform that gives the user the freedom to speak out and be counted in protests and to excersise their voting power through text messaging, podcasting, videos and blogs without the risk associated with mass public demonstrations.

After two years of preparation and planning we’re almost there! We just need your help and support to clear the last hurdle!

Our goal is to revolutionize how teens socially interact in grass roots communities and build relationships through what many with internet access love to do (Create and Share on the worldwide web). is so much more than a social network! It will have a lasting impact on the way grass roots communities connect with each other through our Online Neighborhood Talk Video (ONTV) network.


Users will be able to add music, podcasts and videos to their media library and it doesn’t stop there! We are also adding a feature to showcase the top three videos. On top of that, there will be a “HOOD link” feature, where users can automatically follow and receive updates added to their library through Hangouts.

Our homepage will present a landscape format and horizontally scroll, which will give mobile users a better view of their social updates. We plan to deliver a new, exciting way to stay connected, communicate and collaborate with others on creative and innovative projects that can change the world!

The user bar will hold profile picture, the social menu and their social avatar. We will create a user friendly screen to navigate throughout the platform.

Searching the internet has never been more entertaining and educational! By using hangouts a world of users are able to search for new friends, collaborators and groups (fanpages, guilds, clubs, etc). Find and link to the millions of young thinkers committed to Changing The World! Hangouts will also carry the official I Can Change The World pages for creating a #ICCTW Song and Spoken Word libraries, which use the ” HOOD link” feature.

By using our gallery, users will be able to upload Photos, Audio and Videos of their experiences and share them with family, friends and/or the world! Web developers, graphic artists and others will also be able to upload and share their 3D images and 2D portfolios., enables users to collaborate on projects produced by teen media producers. Podcasters, video producers, bloggers or designers, will have an opportunity to present their projects for contests and receive feedback.

 More to come!

The website is responsive on many different screen resolutions, including your mobile device. It has been completely designed to match the users’ lifestyle.

Why use

With the great features we have in store for grass roots community members, we promise to bring an entertaining and educational experience to your social networking activities.

Get social with! Connect with your friends and make new ones worldwide using our platform. We are creating a seamless way to create and share neighborhood experiences in our platform, and it will be the defining feature that differentiates us from other platforms.

We also intend to focus not only on Song writers, Spoken Word Talent, and Story tellers, but also web developers and designers worldwide.

Our gallery will deliver an outstanding design to showcase your neighborhood experiences through photos, podcasts and videos. If you’re a creative talent our gallery can open up your talent and vision to the world, with endless possibilities.

By using our web & mobile features, we intend to continue innovating to help make experiences great and memorable.

With your help, one of our many goals is to help spread the word that social media is not what it used to be. It creates learning and job opportunities, better teamwork, encourages critical thinking and it provides entertainment for the whole family. Through “I Can Change The World – Song Writing, Spoked Word and Story telling competitions, we can revolutionize the social networking experiences for future generations.

Our members have been in education, arts, technology and youth career development for several years and plan to impact the lives of millions of young creative thinkers worldwide. With the help of an excellent team of student interns and their amazing skill sets, we thrive to create a brilliant platform to benefit grass roots communities. We want to build a platform that will benefit the end user and allow them to truly express themselves as concerned and contributing members of their community and the World!




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