The Role of Creative Arts in Protest and Leadership Development.

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North Carolina High School Senior sets out to Change the World

R. J.  Reynolds High School Senior Elijah Pone is named Urban Success Ambassador for Winston-Salem. He will serve as an intern and member of a national coalition — (U.S.A. 4 TECH, the “Urban Success Movement”.) He has been selected to organize and develop a teen task-force to redesign and launch a new social network.

Elijah and the Urban Success Ambassadors, strategic planning team in Silicon Valley are planning meet ups, online classes, contests and events. We want teens involved in creating a social networking platform and mobile application to help better engage urban youth in online creative production, blogging, commenting and voting in order to voice their viewpoint on members’ music, spoken word projects, stories, issues, politics and hot news articles trending online.

Every month a team of young creative writers from Authoring Action will provide webinars and links on website that maybe of interest to young people worldwide. Our current theme is Voices 4 Social Change. We offer a monthly challenge designed to inspire protest songwriters, spoken word poets and story tellers.

Join the Urban Success Movement and get in the conversation about The Role of Creative Arts in Protest and in Leadership Development. Please join our social network @ and share your creative projects for a chance at being a guest on our innovative #ICCTWCHALLENGE blog talk radio show and/or Bridging The Abyss teen web series.

Over the last three years the number of teenagers using Facebook has declined by 25 percent, while the number of users 55 and older has gone up more than 80 percent. Many high school students and college students are tired of using a social network where their parents, grandparents and future employers can see their updates.

Worldhits.Org, is a social network designed with urban students in mind. The plan is to redesign Worldhits.Org to become more of a Multimedia social community and eLearning network with additional interactive features:  Songwriting, Spoken Word and Story telling competitions, as well as an Online Neighborhood Talk Video (ONTV) series called “Bridging The Abyss.”

With these tools, teens will be equipped to further engage in their education, and are more fully prepared to be leaders in a fast-changing global economy. The goals and outcomes are self-development, career awareness, leadership development, passion and empowerment to exercise civic, social and economic rights and responsibilities and to educate and re-educate our evolving society.

Urban Success Ambassadors are partnering with grass roots youth organizations, high schools and colleges to launch eLearning classes and downloadable curriculum created by ILEAD (Initiative for Leadership Engagement And Development) and the Institute for Local Government (ILG) that educates students on how local government works. ILEAD also provides civic engagement training opportunities for youth, adults and families. The Curriculum was developed through collaboration with a myriad of organizations to provide educators/public officials/instructors the materials needed to teach students about local government.

The task at hand is taking the current from a Beta website with over 11,000 test members and involving students in online training and contests designed to grow the site into a relevant national social platform with international appeal and virtual volunteer internship opportunities. The development and marketing team decided that the first step is getting young people comfortable voting for opinions they like and excited about having a voice. Members will submit creative projects and/or make comments on others’ posts so their voice and opinion can be heard and counted. This is an innovative way to address the need for increased youth engagement, voter turnout, better-qualified candidates, greater resident civic participation and the knowledge of how local government works. will soon offer users the opportunity to create songs, spoken word and other writing projects regarding issues in the news, so other users can express their opinion by liking or not liking the post.” We want users to be transparent about how they truly feel. Other features including contest are being added to the redesigned site that will launch in January 2016. is currently in the beta phase with some 11,000 testers.

In order for the youth of Winston Salem and everywhere to be prepared to compete in the 21st Century, they need 21st Century tools. Today’s high school seniors were born on the Internet and’s test members are all digital natives. We’re very excited about the potential that our social network has to engage and motivate young people.’s biggest challenge is to develop a social network that is sticky and one that our target market wants to use. We want to create a platform that the virtual educators and professional mentors find valuable.

Our team has spent a lot of time and effort  (brainstorming) coming up with innovative ways the world-wide-web, mobile technology and social media can transform under-served youth into online entrepreneurs, Bloggers, YouTube and Social Media superstars, in addition to making their neighborhoods more connected.





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