United Roots Oakland is collaborating with Team SMOT on North Carolina Media Action House

United Roots is a Green Youth Art & Media Center that houses the Oakland Peapod Adobe Youth Voices Academy. For more information go to unitedrootsoakland.org or email info@unitedrootsoakland.org.


Here in Winston Salem, NC  the drop out rate for low opportunity youth is approximately 50% and the “American Dream” is simply a figment of their imagination. These youth are more likely to rely on government support and report more severe health problems. Odds are many of these low opportunity youth will turn to crime, violence or drugs, causing problems for every single American who pays taxes or simply seeks to live in a society that allows people to realize their full potential. Consequently, these youth represent a greatly under-utilized segment of the population.

Many young people and their families in America today face a harsh reality. Their fate in life is determined by their income and Zip code. For an overwhelming number of low opportunity youth having the wrong Zip code keeps them from having access to a quality education, state-of the-art Multimedia technology or a future that offers opportunities that match their talents. It’s easier for people with financial resources to change their Zip code or send their child to private schools. However, low-income, low opportunity families do not have the resources to send their children to a high-quality or specialized school that meets their needs. In other words more than half of all low opportunity youth will never have the skills to compete in the 21st Century workforce.

SMOT Media Action House and Mobile labs will respond to the needs for access to multimedia technology and training to schools, after school programs, community centers, community based organizations, faith based organizations and the community at large that are located in low opportunity neighborhoods. SMOT Media Action House and Mobile labs will provide access to state-of the-art computers, digital video cameras, video editing software, recording studios and e-learning courses on how to use multimedia tools.

We can no longer sit back and wait for elected officials to enact common sense reforms. It is time for community based organizations such as ours and to get innovative and get involved doing what we can to save a generation of children and families from a fate they do not deserve.



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